Process Validation Tools

Arcam LayerQam and Arcam xQam

When it comes to process validation technology for additive manufacturing in production, Arcam is leading the way. In fact, the Arcam EBM® technology itself opens unique opportunities for monitoring and validating the process that would otherwise not be possible.

Arcam LayerQam™ for defect detection

Arcam LayerQam is a high resolution camera system for powerful defect detection. It tracks porosity layer-by-layer and reports defects in the entire build and individual components.

Arcam xQam™ – Autocalibration

Frequent high precision calibration is crucial for a robust and predictable operation. With Arcam xQam, a unique, built-in X-ray detection system, you can rely on quick, high precision autocalibration and system diagnostics that is completely operator independent.

Arcam xQam – Future Applications

Arcam xQam technology works very much like a scanning electron microscope (SEM), which is widely used as a powerful material character­ization tool. This new functionality will position Arcam xQam for future application possibilities for more robust monitoring and validating processes.