EBM® for Orthopedic Implants

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Worldwide we see a growing and aging population that leads a more active lifestyle. These demographic changes together with a constant development of new surgical techniques and new products are driving a steady growth of the orthopedic implant market. At the same time increasing competition and eroding margins push the orthopedic implant manufacturers to focus more on product differentiation and cost reduction.

Since many years the EBM technology is used for production of standard as well as custom orthopedic implants. The Arcam EBM technology allows implant industries to manufacture innovative products and at the same time reduce production costs and lead times.

Standard implants

The EBM technology is a cost-efficient production process for both press-fit and cemented implants. It is particularly cost-efficient for volume production of press-fit implants with advanced Trabecular Structures™. Solid and porous sections of the implant are built in the same process step, eliminating the need to apply for example plasma sprayed porous materials through expensive secondary processes.

Custom implants

Custom Cranio-Maxillofacial implant

The EBM technology offers a direct CAD to Metal process that allows production of patient-specific implants using data derived from Computer Tomography (CT). The CT data is used to create an exact CAD model of the desired implant. This model is then used by the EBM machine to build the actual part.

Trabecular Structures

Develop and manufacture your own unique Trabecular Structures using the EBM technology. The EBM process opens up a completely new possibility to tailor and optimize your trabecular structure design – your trademark porous ”coating”.

Freedom in design is a powerful tool for Product Differentiation.

Acetabular cups with integrated Trabecular Structures for improved osseointegration

EBM Trabecular Structures may be optimized for improved primary fit and osseointegration by allowing you to tailor:

EBM in production

The Arcam EBM process is a cost-efficient and robust manufacturing technology for a wide range of implant types. There are a growing number of CE-certified and FDA-cleared implants produced with the Arcam EBM technology on the market.

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