Prime Minister of Sweden visiting Arcam


June 7, 2012, the leaders of the governing parties visited Arcam headquarters in Mölndal as part of the work on the Commission on the Future (Framtidskommissionen). The Commission consists of a constellation of the most powerful politicians in Sweden. Their mission is to identify future challenges and possibilities for Sweden in the nearest 20-40 years.

The visitors were Prime Minister Mr Fredrik Reinfeldt, Minister of Education and Research Mr Jan Björklund, Minister for Health and Social Affairs Mr Göran Hägglund and Minister for Enterprise Mrs Annie Lööf. Arcam CEO Magnus René presented the company, from founding through growth and commercialization to present. Discussions were held about the future growth of Arcam and the national need of highly educated labor. Business was discussed from an international perspective.

The guests were impressed by Arcam’s highly advanced technology and qualified staff. They stressed that Arcam is a role model for entrepreneurs with the ability to stay at the forefront of technology.