Information from Arcam Annual General Meeting March 23, 2015

The Annual General Meeting in brief

CEO Magnus René informed about the eventful year 2014, the continued growth of the company and future plans and strategies. About 70 shareholders were present. Furthermore, Mr René informed about the important strategic acquisition of DiSanto Technology Inc. in the US and the metal powder manufacturer AP&C in Canada.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) the following decisions were taken:

Election of the Board

The AGM decided to re-elect the Board members Göran Malm, Jan-Olof Brüer, Lars Bergström, Henrik Hedlund, Anna Hultin Stigenberg and Thomas Carlström.

Anna Malm Bernsten was newly elected as member of the Board.

Anna Malm Bernsten – operates her own consultancy company within business development and management. Former President and CEO of Carmeda AB and leading positions in international marketing and sales at Pharmacia, ASSA ABLOY and GE Healthcare. Anna is currently a board member of Medivir, Cellavision, NeuroVive, Birdstep and Chairman of the Board of Ceba / Oatley (former directorships in Fagerhult and Nolato).

Board fees

The AGM resolved to pay Board fees with SEK 300 000 to the Chairman of the Board, and SEK 150 000 to each member, in total SEK 1 200 000 and in addition SEK 25 000 for any possible committee work.

The Nomination Committee

The AGM decided that the Nomination Committee will consist of Gunnar Ek, Rolf Ekedahl and Åsa Knutsson. Åsa Knutsson, who represents the major shareholder of the company, was elected Chairman. The other members in the Nomination Committee are independent of major shareholders of the company.

In case a member of the Nomination Committee leaves the committee before the AGM 2015, the other members of the Nomination Committee will have the right to appoint a new member who can replace the member who resigns.

The AGM decided that a fee shall be paid with SEK 25 000 to the independent members of the Nomination Committee.

The term of the Nomination Committee will work until a new committee is appointed.

Gunnar Ek – member of the Nomination Committee for Aros Quality. Member of the Board at Göteborgs Spårvägar. Former vice president in Lokalnämnden (the Gothenburg Municipality’s real estate management) and analyst for Aktiespararna.

Rolf Ekedahl – previously member of the Arcam Board and resigned in 2013. Previously president of Munksjö AB and Board Member of Getinge AB. At present Rolf is Chairman of the Board of Expandia Moduler and also a member of the Board of Rörvik Timber, ROL and Garpco.

Åsa Knutsson – Business Area Manager at Industrifonden. Shareholder representative.

Renumeration to Senior Executives

The AGM resolved in line with the Board’s proposal regarding the remuneration policy. In brief, this means that Arcam will offer market-based total remuneration consisting of fixed pay, earnings-based remuneration, pension and other compensations.

A share savings program

The AGM disapproved to launch a long-term incentive program in line with the Board’s proposal for members of the Group management team. The proposed program was not approved.

Amending the Corporate Governance of Arcam
The AGM decided not to change the Corporate Governance of Arcam according to the proposed share savings program. The proposed amendment was not accepted.

Authorization for the Board to decide on new share issue

The AGM authorized the Board to decide on the issues of new shares, convertible debentures and subscription options.

The authorization covers and overall increase of the share capital not exceeding
SEK 1 800 000. The shares shall be issued at market stock price.

Mölndal, March 23, 2015
Arcam AB

/The Board

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