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Arcam EBM technology is changing the way metal parts are manufactured and produced for orthopedic implants and the aerospace industries. Gain a better understanding of how to incorporate metal additive manufacturing using Titanium, Inconel 719 and other super alloys from the experts in their field. You can learn design tips for AM from leading aerospace contractors or understand the differences between the available metal additive manufacturing technologies from an expert that is using both.

White Papers
Additive Manufacturing Design Considerations WP
Download the whitepaper “Additive Manufacturing Design Considerations for Production in Aerospace” to learn from LAI additive manufacturing expert Caitlin Oswald on the critical design considerations for parts made with metal additive manufacturing systems in a production environment.

Optimizing EBM Alloy 718 Material for Aerospace Components WP
Honeywell Aerospace and EWI researched and explored how to optimize printing with Alloy 718 in a re-design of an existing transition duct used on a Honeywell propulsion engine. Alloy 718 is a nickel-chromium based super alloy ideal for high temperature and corrosive environments. Download white paper to learn more.