Arcam EBM technology is revolutionizing the way metal components are manufactured and produced offering design freedom, high productivity and excellent material properties. We have compiled videos to offer an in-depth look into Arcam and to learn more about our EBM technology, powder manufacturing plants and our medical contract manufacturing capabilities. In our Industry Video section hear from industry experts like GE Aviation, Rolls-Royce, GKN Aerospace, Renovis and Lima Corporate to understand the benefits they are seeing from metal additive manufacturing.

Corporate Videos

Arcam Corporate Video
Arcam Group pioneers additive manufacturing solutions that disrupts the status quo and liberates our customers from the constraints of traditional production. Arcam partners with manufacturers to create breakthrough metal components using the highest quality, highest value material for the aerospace and orthopedic industries. Our diverse business structure – materials, systems and services – means we look at problems and possibilities from multiple points of view throughout the production process, disrupting conventional thinking.

AP&C Corporate Video
Advanced Powders and Coatings (AP&C) produce metal powders from titanium and other reactive or high melting point alloys using a process known as Advanced Plasma Atomization Technology. This process is used to produce high quality titanium and nickel alloy powders. The APA powder is highly spherical and exhibits high flowaility which makes it a wise choice for additive manufacturing applications.

AP&C Process Video
AP&C is the leader in the production of powder for additive manufacturing. Their unique Advanced Plasma Atomization (APA) process creates superior quality powder..

Industry Videos

GKN AerospaceGKN Aerospace
Of the emerging technologies, one of the most disruptive is additive manufacturing (AM). With global centers of excellence in the UK, US, and Sweden, GKN Aerospace is looking at several unique AM processes, developing a vertical capability – from powder through GKN Powder Metallurgy to manufactured parts.

Avio AeroAvio Aero 
Avio Aero, a business of GE Aviation, is a leader in the design, production and maintenance of components and systems for the aerospace industry. Avio Aero is using Additive Manufacturing to produce aerospace parts with TiAl reducing weight of their components up to 50%.

GE Aviation videoGE Aviation
Chosen to power the new Boeing 777X airplane, the all-new GE9X engine will deliver unprecedented reliability and performance at service entry through GE Aviation’s most extensive technology maturation program ever.

Rolls Royce videoRolls-Royce
Neil Mantle Head of Additive Layer Manufacturing at Rolls-Royce. Additive layer manufacturing (ALM) or 3D printing, is one of the key new technologies Rolls-Royce is taking advantage of. Find out more about ALM and the broad range of activities Neil’s role covers. Neil also gives an insight into how he became an engineer.

Renovis uses EBM technology to create Tesera Trabecular TechnologyTM, designed and built to promote bone in-growth and long-term stability.

Lima videoLima Corporate
Lima Corporate is a substantial and global provider to the medical field in orthopedics, with multiple subsidiaries around the world. Lima Corporate is known for its Trabecular TitaniumTM technology made possible using Arcam’s EBM systems.

CSIRO videoCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)
CSIRO Lab 22 adding a new dimension to 3D printing. Lab 22 Innovation Centre provides Australian companies with easy access to cutting edge additive manufacturing technologies (or 3D printing) that can enhance their productivity and global competitiveness.

Netfab videoNetfab
Titanium 3D Printing in Action – EBM
Electron Beam Melting (EBM) is an additive manufacturing technology that builds parts by melting layers of metal powder with a high-power electron beam gun. The video shows the process together with some samples of implants built in titanium.

CNN videoCNN Money
Printing prosthetics, engines and jets! Additive manufacturing is an industrial form of 3D printing that makes large complicated designs with very little waste.