Arcam today launches Arcam Q20, a new EBM system designed specifically for manufacturing in the aerospace industry

Arcam Q20

The new EBM system is developed with support from leading aerospace manufacturers. The Arcam Q20 is based on Arcam’s latest technology platform, the Q-series, presented in the Arcam Q10 which was launched earlier this year.

Arcam is primarily active in two market segments, the aerospace and the orthopedic implant industries. The orthopedic industry started using EBM already in 2007, and EBM is today well established as a production process for implants, with more than 30.000 EBM-manufactured orthopedic devices implanted worldwide.

The aerospace industry is now also about to move into series production for several product applications. The Arcam Q20 well serves its needs with several new features for industrial volume production, including increased productivity, higher resolution, and Arcam LayerQam™, a camera-based monitoring system for part quality verification.