Arcam presents news for the orthopedic industry at EuroMold 2008

Mölndal, Sweden, December 2, 2008 Arcam, the Sweden-based manufacturer of EBM (Electron Beam Melting) systems for Additive Manufacturing in high end materials, launches products specifically designed for the orthopedic implant industry.

EBM LogStudio

The EBM LogStudio software makes build verification and production quality tracking easy. EBM LogStudio mines the data in the build log files to verify that the process parameters stay within the operator-specified limits and subsequently presents the results in a customized build report, providing full traceability for each manufactured build.

The EBM LogStudio software is available from January 2009.

EBM MultiBeam

The EBM MultiBeam feature splits the electron beam into several individual beams, improving the surface quality whilst maintaining the EBM systems’ high productivity. The MultiBeam function takes Arcam’s EBM technology one step further, fully utilizing the characteristics of the process, high build rate combined with excellent material properties.

EBM MultiBeam will be available in Q2 2009.

CE-certified orthopedic implants

Volume manufacturing of EBM-produced, CE-certified orthopedic implants is now reality. The implants are manufactured with integrated, designed network structures for improved bone in-growth, and are now in series production with the EBM technology.

For more information please contact:
Magnus René, President, Arcam, telephone. +46 31 710 32 00
or cell: +46 702 79 89 99 or email: magnus [dot] rene [at] arcam [dot] com