Arcam news at Formnext 2017

Arcam AB, supplier of Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) equipment and part of
GE Additive, participates at Formnext with AM systems through Arcam EBM,
metal powders through AP&C and orthopedic contract manufacturing through DTI. Arcam, GE Additive and Concept Laser will exhibit together at Formnext displaying their broad combined offerings to the market. 

EBM systems momentum

EBM technology continues to find wider acceptance in the Additive Manufacturing community. The aerospace and medical industries have increased the demand for Arcam EBM systems as the technology proves itself to be effective. As a result, Arcam is committed to evolving and developing products that support our customers and focus in the future.

Presenting EBMobile, an app for remote monitoring of EBM machines.
With EBMobile, we give our customers the ability to monitor their EBM machines at a distance. EBMobile is an app built with our customers in mind. Through research and development, Arcam EBM has identified the need to give the user on-time information regarding the status of their EBM machine while gathering and analyzing statistical data. The EBMobile app will help our customers obtain an optimal overview of ongoing processes in their EBM machines in real time.

Expanding Metal Powder Range & Capacity

AP&C, the largest titanium powder supplier for the additive manufacturing industry, continues to secure long-term supply agreements with key customers. AP&C supplies a range of powders to the AM industry, including Ti6Al4V, Ti Grade 2 and Inconel 718.

Recently AP&C opened its new state-of-the-art metal powder manufacturing plant in Saint-Eustace, Canada. With the new facility AP&C will have an initial production capacity of 750 tons, rising eventually to 1,250 tons at full capacity. AP&C is certified to ISO13485, ISO9001 and AS9100.

Traction in the Medical Implants Sector

Volume production of EBM-manufactured, CE-certified orthopedic implants is now a reality. Well over 100,000 orthopedic implants produced with EBM technology have been implanted. At present, Arcam’s customers offer a wide range of implants; acetabular cups, femoral stems, spinal and CMF. With the use of EBM machines, the implants are cost-efficiently manufactured with integrated, designed network structures for improved bone in-growth.

DiSanto (DTI) is increasingly active in the medical implant sector and continues to add new customers and projects to the Arcam EBM contract manufacturing business.  

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