Arcam launches Titanium Grade 2 for Additive Manufacturing of orthopedic implants

Mölndal, Sweden, May 20, 2008 Arcam today introduced Titanium Grade 2 as a new material for use in the Arcam EBM systems to produce orthopedic implants with integrated lattice structures for improved bone in-growth.

The President of Arcam, Magnus René, is enthusiastic about the new material – “Arcam already offers Ti6Al4V, Ti6Al4V ELI and CoCrMo to the orthopedic implant industry, and with the introduction of Titanium Grade 2 our customers can now further expand the range of implants that they produce in their EBM machines”.

Arcam provides implant manufacturers with highly productive Additive Manufacturing machines for titanium and cobalt chrome alloys. Implants produced with the EBM technology are built up layer by layer from metal powder melted with a powerful Electron Beam gun inside a vacuum chamber. The process is fast and material properties are comparable to wrought metal. The vacuum ensures very high purity of the material which is imperative in implant manufacture.

The EBM machines’ key values are their ability to manufacture implants with integrated lattice surfaces which enhance osseointegration, as well as their ability to quickly manufacture customized implants derived from CT scan data. The integrated manufacturing approach also reduces lead time and brings products faster to the market.

The material properties of EBM-manufactured Titanium Grade 2 comply fully with the exacting chemical and mechanical requirements in the ASTM F67 specification:

MECHANICAL PROPERTIES   Arcam Titanium Grade 2*  Titanium Grade 2, Required**  
 Yield Strength (Rp 0,2)  540 MPa  275 MPa
 Ultimate Tensile Strength (Rm)  570 MPa  345 MPa
 Elongation  21%  >20%
 Reduction of Area  55%  >30%

For more information please contact:
Magnus René, President, Arcam, telephone. +46 31 710 32 00
or cell: +46 702 79 89 99 or email: magnus [dot] rene [at] arcam [dot] com