Arcam completes new share issue of approximately SEK 250 million directed to the First AP-fund

Arcam AB (publ) (“Arcam” or the “Company”) today announces that it has completed a directed new share issue of 1 799 999 new shares directed to the First AP-fund, providing the Company with approximately SEK 250 million before transaction costs.

On May 27, 2015 the Board of Directors has resolved, pursuant to the authorisation granted by the annual meeting held on March 23, 2015, on a directed issue of 1,799,999 new shares at a subscription price of SEK 139 per share. The subscription price represents a premium of approximately 3 per cent compared to the 5 to 20 days volume weighted average closing price prior to the Board of Directors’ resolution, and a discount of approximately 4 per cent compared to the closing price on May 27, 2015.

The proceeds from the directed issue will be used to finance and facilitate accelerated expansion, acquisition opportunities and development of the Company, its markets and products.

The Board considers it positive that the First AP-fund becomes a new major shareholder of the Company. The first AP-fund represents a committed and long-term institutional owner which the Board believes will contribute positively to the Company’s development. The new share issue represents an opportunity for the Company to raise capital efficiently and on favourable terms, for the above-mentioned purposes, and thus enhances the Company’s opportunities to create additional value for all shareholders.

The new issue results in a share dilution of approximately 8.8 per cent. Through the issue, the number of shares in Arcam increases by 1 799 999 from 18 665 240 to 20 465 239 and the share capital increases by SEK 1799 999.14 from
SEK 18 665 241.50 to SEK 20 465 240.64.

For further information:

Magnus René, CEO, Arcam AB, phone: +46 31 710 32 00,

cell: +46 702 79 89 99, or e-mail: magnus [dot] rene [at] arcam [dot] com

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For further information please contact:

Magnus René, CEO Arcam AB
Tel: 46 31 710 32 00, alt. cell: 46 702 79 89 99, or e-mail: magnus [dot] rene [at] arcam [dot] com