AP&C files another strategic patent application

Arcam, listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, and leading supplier of Additive Manufacturing solutions, announces that its metal powder subsidiary, AP&C, based in Montreal, Canada, just filed a strategic patent application that covers improved metal powder flowability.

AP&C, the high quality powder manufacturing subsidiary of Arcam, uses proprietary technology for Plasma Atomization. This new strategic patent application covers a method to obtain optimal flowability of fine reactive metals powder for Additive Manufacturing.

The strategic patent covers all principal reactive metals powder production methods including Plasma Atomization, other Gas Atomization processes, Plasma Spheroidization and Plasma Rotating Electrode. The invention allows obtaining the highest level of flowability for all Additive Manufacturing powder distributions.

“High and repeatable flowability is a key metal powder attribute allowing for the optimal production of quality parts using Additive Manufacturing technology”, says Jacques Mallette, President of AP&C.

With 10 years + of experience, AP&C produces high quality and cost effective titanium and nickel super-alloy powders for additive manufacturing in a multi-reactor manufacturing set-up using product dedicated equipment.

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